Wilmington NC Real Estate

Wilmington: Where The River Meets The Sea

With a population of over 107,000 residents and growing, Wilmington North Carolina is both small enough to know your neighbors and large enough to experience the perks of a growing city.

Wilmington is situated in southeastern North Carolina, uniquely nestled between the Cape Fear River and the Atlantic Ocean. This town offers the best of both coastal and city life. People of all walks of life live, thrive, and love to call Wilmington home.

The University of North Carolina at Wilmington as well as Cape Fear Community College lend to the area's vibrant intellectual and artistic scenes. Downtown Wilmington often finds itself firmly planted on "Best Of" lists from around the world. The often-noted culinary scene found in Wilmington benefits locals and visitors alike.

With a family friendly atmosphere including farmers markets, horse-drawn carriage rides down cobblestone streets, and festivals for every season many families find Wilmington as the perfect spot to grow. The vibrant nightlife often calls to the younger crowd, while the deep history draws those interested in living in a modern-day lesson on a bygone area.

Wilmington was founded in 1739. Because of its longevity, Wilmington boasts some of the most beautiful historic homes on the East Coast. The city offers up many places and events to explore and learn of Wilmington's colorful history as a port city.

Homes for sale in Wilmington range from the low 100's to the millions. With such an eclectic mix of people the options are endless. Whether you are interested in the arts and nightlife provided by the downtown riverfront or the history and charm of its mansions and bungalows, the coastal ease of areas closer to the sea, or the sense of community found in many of our amenity packed more tucked away neighborhoods we can help. Lets us guide you to the location of your dreams, because we know that Wilmington can provide it!

Explore our City; Wilmington

It is hard to sum Wilmington, NC up in just a few words! To accurately describe Wilmington one must first understand the people that choose to call Wilmington home.

As both a coastal and port city, Wilmington attracts people who love the outdoors. Whether strolling the Downtown Cape Fear Riverfront, spending a day at the beach, or attending one of the many festivals that take place in our parks, we Wilmingtonians take full advantage of our unique environment. It's pretty helpful that we have some of the most beautiful weather on the coast. It is not unusual to find a sign on a local business stating that the shop owner is taking advantage of the surf and will be back later! Spending time outdoors often has a calming effect on one's mental state and we are a calm people!

The University of North Carolina Wilmington and Cape Fear Community College supply Wilmington with a young, artistic, and vibrant crowd. Walking around downtown Wilmington on a Friday night provides a peek at everything young, hip, and on trend. The people-watching opportunities can not be matched. Quite possibly one of the best ways to do so is by sitting back and enjoying a meal at one of Wilmington's numerous al fresco restaurants. Wilmington was recently named one of the Top 10 Best Alfresco Dining by USA Today! Sipping coffee and watching some of the prettiest sunsets over the river at our local Port City Java, or enjoying a nice local brew at one of the many new breweries popping up on the local scene are times well spent.

Wilmington attracts history buffs in droves! With its long and colorful history as a port city there are many places, such as the Bellamy Mansion Museum, to explore. Wilmington boasts one of the largest historical districts in North Carolina, and simply walking a self-guided or guided tour (you could even explore by trolley or horse-drawn carriage!) along the cobblestone streets of Wilmington will present you with an extensive history lesson. You can find a historical plaque on almost anything from southern-style mansions, to grand Victorians, to compact bungalows!

With a population of a little over 107,000 Wilmington is the perfect size. It is small enough to know your neighbors and large enough to enjoy all of the amenities that come with a larger city. Businesses are often attracted to Wilmington for its friendly people and the amenities offered to its employees. PPD, Trader Joe's, and Whole Foods have all made Wilmington home in recent years with many more companies courting the city! In 2015 Wilmington was named by Nerdwallet.com as the 2nd Best Place in the Country to Start A Business! That isn't to say that Wilmington doesn't take care of and appreciate its smaller locally owned businesses. We do, and because of this they are thriving too!

It is amazing to head to the movies and see your neighborhood on the big screen, and Wilmington locals enjoy this unique opportunity! Wilmington's EUE Screen Gems Studios have brought over 400 film projects to Wilmington since 1985. Wilmington's unofficial nickname is "Hollywood East." It is not uncommon to see a Hollywood star strolling around Wilmington or stopping in at a local watering hole! Many film and television stars have attested to Wilmington's laid-back and friendly locals as a perk of filming in this city! Any given day you can spot fans of television shows or movies shot in Wilmington combing the city looking for their favorite scene locations. You might find yourself stuck in a bit of traffic or waiting a bit longer to cross a downtown street while a film scene is being shot. Locals don't mind, we love the opportunity to feature our city!

There is no shortage of reasons that Wilmington sits confidently atop many of the nation's "Best Of" and "Top Ten" lists! It is an amazing place to call home. From young college students, to families, to retirees looking for a beautiful relaxation spot-- Wilmington won't disappoint. We would love to help you explore our town and show you all of the options that our city offers!